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Broken Fingaz


Aerial vantage points grant access to this painted installation by renowned street artist, Deso. Basecamp’s rooftop mural honours the powerful feminine energy of the region.

Deso, of international street art collective Broken Fingaz, disappeared into the jungles of MUSA last summer and emerged with a bird’s eye view of Base Camp; a rooftop mural inspired by the history of the region, rendered in the artist’s signature style of 20th century poster design meets 1960s psychedelic art. Witnessed only from exclusive aerial vantage points, Deso's mark at MUSA is based on a series of original paintings from the artist that pays homage to the folklore of Zihuatanejo, where possible origins of the town’s name translates as “place of women”.

Thought to have once been a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Cihuatéotl, the mother of the human race, and the deity of women who died in childbirth, Deso adds to his “Zihua” series with this striking rooftop piece that honours the powerful feminine energy of the region.