Custom Beach Homes

Inviting the community into the design process

Whether building your dream home or laying foundations for a business or shared conceptual space, we invite you to add to our unique, and diverse community, and live and work with intention in a custom designed beachside dwelling by Andrés Saavedra Design (ASD).

CONSTRUCTION 600 m2 • 6458 ft2
LOT 1350 m2 • 14,531 ft2

Presenting collaborative opportunities for personalised and functional homes for however you imagine living, dwell in the luxury and liberation of an uncharted coastal retreat, within a complete residential or studio space designed one-on-one with MUSA’s architecture and design team.

Offering a streamline, modern, and minimal approach to design within an experienced framework for eco-conscious construction and intelligent functionality for the climate, MUSA’s bare land lots and custom builds enables the actualisation of experimental, innovative, and experience-focused spaces where lifestyle takes center stage.

MUSA’s seamless and uncomplicated format for custom build collaborations invite those with a dream into the design process, adapts it to the unique landscape, and activates clients to fully realise their vision of a sun-filled future of unparalleled, wild, and adventurous living in the tropics. Aligning each client’s ideas with the ethos, knowledge, and experience of Saavedra’s design studio and the core values of MUSA’s utopian masterplan, enables each project to become something special and completely unique for each owner.

“We’re inviting the client into the design process. Based on their needs, what they envision, what MUSA means to them, and the values of MUSA itself. If you have an idea, we help you put it together, dream it, and build it.”  - Andrés Saavedra
For ASD, whether it's a smaller dwelling or spacious family home, MUSA’s bare land lots and custom build offerings represent the ability to create and collaborate on a custom home that feels more like building your own art piece – “it’s more personal.”

Creative Process & Collaboration

From concept to creation;
a look into building the space you crave with ASD

For Saavedra’s team at ASD, a good working rapport with each client is key to a successful working relationship and end product. Unveiling an insight into the creative process, Andrés details that satisfying collaboration starts with consistent communication and getting to the heart of how one imagines living.

How do you envision your life at MUSA?

“Who are you going to share it with? How do you visualise the experience? We help polish it, clean it, and then make it a reality. The first step is conversation, and understanding what they want, then we provide some ideas and create something together.”

Direct communication with the client

“Getting to know the client is a team effort. We have conversations with the client and depending on how communications are flowing, we assign an architect to the project. I am really involved in everything, but we usually have someone on the team who is of a specific mindset or with specialised knowledge of the same interests as the client, like yoga, surfing, or art. There’s a lot of interesting people in the studio all working under the same roof who have specific sensibilities, so we involve the team in the spectrum of ideas.”

Less is more

“We’re not trying to overbuild, and we're not trying to include things that aren’t necessary. Aesthetic is really important, and in our relationship we need to stay aligned on things such as simplicity and materials - things that, because of function or quality, are very important. We don’t necessarily want to speak a different language.

We are in Mexico, we are in Guerrero, we are doing this locally. And the idea that, based on these ways in which we work, there is a limitation on certain things in order to preserve (the landscape and resources). Each project should reflect a unified vision for the project, built with integrity and individuality that reflects the personality of the client. Simplicity is key.”

The result? Everything is really organic.

“Everything you see in the house, there’s not a lot of processes we aren’t doing ourselves. Everything from the hand-drawn sketches, to the topographics, to the 3D renders, until we find a formula we really like.

Everything is documented and then we invite the client to see the process of construction. It's a simple process in general, it’s not a bumpy road. We are trying to make it easy and understandable, and there is always someone who is reporting and presenting. We like to share a lot so that it's all very easy to access.”

“Part of what we really love to do in the studio is source and make as much as we can really involving the client. Considering their likes, dislikes, and understanding on a psychological level what they really crave. Keeping it simple, keeping it organic - not in a pretentious way - but creating something that feels really natural.”

A design process like no other

Co-founder Tara Medina explains that it’s not just about simple construction, MUSA’s custom builds are rooted in the creation of a complete experience.

Outfitting is customised for private builds

“Beyond the architecture, the whole idea with our custom builds and lots is helping clients arrive at a completely finished product. From the interiors down to the linens and the art selection. Often we’ve met with clients in Mexico City and guided them through an experience that shows where a lot of our inspiration comes from. It’s turnkey, but we do everything custom, from the idea to complete operation.”

We go beyond just the furniture

“We consider everything from the bedding, the alarm clocks, how the sound system works, and the ambience. We are about the complete setting of the space and the complete experience. One of the important things with working with clients after understanding what their needs are, is to try and solve a lot of issues that could come out of owning a property.”

On crafting pleasurable and holistic experiences for his clients, Andrés chimes in - “we really curate every single detail, from the experience of getting to the property, to entering the house, and getting into bed where you will find the most amazing bed that you can find; to how everything works, how it smells, the flowers, and the landscaping. We are really committed to creating not only a custom house, one that is beautiful and functional, but something that involves the complete experience around the process of living in your home.”

A dream worth sharing

Perhaps you're buying for a family vacation property or a place of rest and retreat. Our properties can be bought by one party or many.  If you’ve ever dreamed of owning with your best friends or family, we have flexible options in place so that you can find MUSA alone, or with the ones you love most.

The perks of owning at MUSA

As an owner of MUSA, you’ll enjoy special perks. Complementary nights and special owners discounted rates to stay in MUSA Hotel Properties

  • Owners discounts and special perks in all food and beverage outlets.
  • Exclusive gifts and offerings for all of MUSA’s experiential programming events.
  • Complimentary Wine Club Membership
  • Insider pricing on all MUSA retail and exclusive brand partnerships.
  • Access to the private members only community platform with full access to exclusive gifts, special pricing on services, access to all experiential programming offerings and many more special perks while enjoying time at MUSA.

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