Elevate your Journey to MUSA

A partnership with Fly George extends the benefits of untold comfort and private luxury to the MUSA community.

As we reflect and focus on our current and future communities, we ask what the notion of community means in this becoming age of promadic travel. For MUSA, the means to slow down and forge more intentional connections with your surroundings and peers stimulates new and interesting ways to create and collaborate. For global private jet charter and travel service, Fly George, this sentiment runs in parallel with how they seek to provide elevated, holistic, and personalised pathways to your next destination.

Our most recent partnership joins the MUSA community
as your sanctuary in the sky

Meet the Founders, Sarah Cat and Collen Henderson

Name & position:
Sarah Cat, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Collen Henderson
, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

When did you start Fly George?

SC: “Four years ago. It began with a conversation between Collen and I, where his love of aviation and marketing met my experience in design and wellness. Fly George was founded on Los Angeles’ wellness culture.”

What did you identify was missing in the private travel market?

SC & CH: “From years of global travel and private jet experiences, together we saw an opportunity to elevate a transactional experience to one that transcends the traditional idea of private aviation and luxury travel. We surprise and delight our clients at every touchpoint while staying true to our values of limiting the impact on our planet and providing an integrative approach to health and safety.”

What is a highlight of the Fly George travel experience?

SC & CH: “Fly George is a Sanctuary in the Sky. From our chef-prepared organic meals to immunity-boosting amenities, custom curated mediations and playlists to aromatherapy, we curate your flight to soothe stress and care for your body and mind.”

What can people expect when flying to and from MUSA with Fly George?

SC: “Our serendipitous meeting with MUSA led to an aligned partnership of two visionaries who share a paralleled ethos, discerning eye for design, and nurture an experiential journey that imbues the senses.”

Lastly, what is your go-to cocktail when travelling?

SC: A sunset cocktail when arriving at a new destination is my love language :)  An Espresso Martini is the perfect combination of relaxing into vacation mode and an extra boost to beat jet lag.

CH: “It’s always a Tito’s martini with two olives, extra dry upon arrival to any destination, and sometimes before arrival. After a sunset dinner, I like to sip on a Clase Azul Mezcal with a curated twilight playlist themed for the destination and vibes.”

“We are delighted to indulge MUSA clients with a seamless journey where clients will experience the Fly George and MUSA connection from the moment they are picked up from their residence.
“Every touch-point is curated to their preferences; from the music on-board their Black Car to bespoke cocktails or juices upon boarding the jet, to chef curated seasonal organic menus, in-flight aroma therapy, and everything in-between. No moment will be overlooked and the journey to and from MUSA will be as magical as being there.”

Fly to and from MUSA and beyond with our private air travel partners, Fly George, offering personalised and curated air travel as your new sanctuary in the sky.

Imagery provided by Fly George