Food & Farm

Take a tour of the MUSA garden with Chef Rodrigo Serna. Taste ignites modern authenticity with our developing farm to table program.

As we enjoy an abundant spring with pollinating florals in amarillo and rosa, and transition into summer, the land is ripe for new life. On the property, nestled under shaded trees of tamarind and papaya, our edible garden is flourishing, offering leafy greens of kale and spicy arugula, sprawling squash blossoms, aromatic chiles, and wild coconut. Ducks and chickens lend yolks rich in hue and delicate in flavour, while local seafood, mangoes, watermelons, and lagoon-harvested sal, accent the natural offerings grown on-site.

Meet Chef Rodrigo ‘Mole’ Serna

The resident Chef leading the charge on fresh, inspired plates of new wave coastal-Mexican calibre. Serna evokes a tenderness in each dish he presents, hand-picking ingredients and crafting specials that are fast becoming staples in our emerging farm-to-table dining program. Developing the menu for the upcoming Hotelito, opening Winter 2021, Serna shines a light on local, vegetable-focused dishes.

“I love being raw with the flavours that make you travel from one culture to another gastronomically speaking. Respecting the product and its origin is what I love the most.”
“Cooking with local tubérculos (root vegetables), combined with kales, chard, and fresh purslane, cannot be missed.”

A native to Zihuatanejo, Serna transports you with every dish as you taste the region with a sense of modern nostalgia - familiar, yet somehow previously undiscovered. MUSA’s emerging menu is nourishing, balanced, and prepared with intention.

“I am inspired by the feeling that we can convey in a single bite. Happiness, experience, sadness, and especially in the memories of that moment that you can never forget.” – Rodrigo Serna