In Progress

Water Temple

Our eye from the sky is a transcendental escape for physical reconnaissance.

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A deeper insight into the design and construction process of MUSA’s new architectural icon.

In progress; architectural and experiential pleasures that will define our futures in purposeful living. At the edge of the freshwater biopool emerges the water temple; a sizable circular structure and poolside deck inspired by traditional temples, designed to harness the energy of the day’s moving sun. A place to lounge, meditate, and share experiences, the temple is a multipurpose sanctuary in the eye of any beholder.

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Featuring a grand, palm wood swimming deck and secret subterranean listening room, the intriguing orbital structure is submerged within the freshwater bio pool that brims by each Hideaway, and comes complete with an aquarium glass viewing window, poised to overlook an underwater sculpture garden.

An elegant and futuristic listening room dwells below the deck of the freshwater biopool

There are some architectural spaces that behold wonder and awe for their physical and structural beauty, and the feelings they evoke once cloaked within its walls. Some for their ingenious functionality and purpose. MUSA’s water temple is a space like no other; a curious and thoughtful innovation by Andrés Saavedra Design that embodies form and function, as a transformational and interpretational medium for recreation, sports, and wellness, or out of office work for both owners and guests.

“It’s more than a deck, it's a temple for anyone to find something. It’s shaped like an eye, so it's more of a sculpture - a functional sculpture.” - Andrés Saavedra