03: Theo Le Foll

A journal of adventures experienced at MUSA

At MUSA, each day provides an arcadian setting for a canvas of possibilities for unconventional adventures within a bountiful natural landscape. For French photographer Theo Le Foll, a pitstop through MUSA on the tailend of a rowdy national tour with Madrid-based musician, Aron Piper, provided a much needed realignment with the hum of the wild and delicious ceviche.

Q: What is your favourite memory of MUSA?

A: When we arrived it was magical. I am a very sensitive person to the things around me, especially nature. It is a luxury for me that cannot be beaten and to arrive in this place is magical. At the end of the day, I stood on the beach alone and watched the beautiful sunset just before I fell asleep. My favourite memory was discovering this place, very green and aesthetically clean, a unique jungle experience.

Q: What experience or activity did you enjoy the most and why

A: Going through the jungle to discover birds that you have never seen, or its plants. My favourite experience were the local fishing families who set up on the beaches at sunset to fish. It was very interesting to see their placement in relation to the current, and the way they fished with their long nets. It was very inspiring as the light, the movement of the sea, and their net in the air was magical. This was 100% my favourite activity of the day.

Q: What was your favourite time of day at MUSA and how did you spend that time?

A: I realised over time that I need my moments alone. MUSA made me discover its magnificent sunrises and sunsets. I am in love with these moments. These are the hours in a day when I feel the best, the colours, the light… I spend this time very often with my camera at my side, a small notepad, and my music, being in total immersion. It's very important.

Q: What did you learn about the region and the local culture?

A: I have traveled to many cities in Mexico, I love the culture here. Mexico is a very rich country culturally. I love the food here, I eat everything, and it's a change from the French culinary perfectionism. I discovered this incredible project of Andrés (Saavedra), who manages to respect nature by combining his knowledge and the construction of his project with the environment. “Freedom is a jungle”.

P.S. The ceviche is a delight.

Q: MUSA is a different experience for every visitor. What is MUSA to you?

A: MUSA for me is a source of inspiration; of calm and tranquility. [On tour with Aron Piper] we worked during the whole month of October and it's true that we felt the need to breathe, and to rest for a few days in the middle of the tour. We had been doing concerts for days and this break at MUSA was incredible.

All images by @theolefoll

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