Join us on the journey of MUSA, in the first instalment of the Origins series.

Origins unveils a behind-the-scenes look at MUSA in a stimulating visual prelude to the narrative of MUSA in the making. Get to know the founders, learn about their processes, and dive deeper into the creative and architectural energies that propel the project forward.

Origins: “the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived.”

Born into completely different landscapes - the frozen woods of the Canadian mountainscapes and the rural farmland of the outskirts of Mexico City - MUSA founders and visionaries Tara Medina and Andres Saavedra together dreamt of a place that until now had yet to exist.

From childhood contexts in opposite climates to their serendipitous emergence in a hidden tropical paradise, the story of MUSA unravels through the couple’s forward-thinking vision of a new beachfront destination where values of culture, collaboration, and regeneration lead the way for a new model of community rooted in innovation and warming hospitality. Their discovery of such a rare, blank canvas has seen the idea of MUSA come to life as they work to carve out a future immersed in the opportunity for constant adventure and slow, intentional living.

“For anything to be successful, you have to pour your heart and soul into it. Intention is your drive and your belief.”

On the opportunity of having this canvas to explore, collaborate, and learn, Saavedra is cultivating a no-limits policy at MUSA. "It's the ability to explore things we otherwise wouldn't be able to explore. This learning process isn't just for me, it's for everyone around us. We are all learning, we're all collaborating. We're making business, but making business for the right reasons."

“We don’t have the whole script written, there’s things that will reveal themselves along the way - music we’ve never heard, and flavours we haven’t tried. It's a constant exploration of what’s out there. It's constant discovery.”

Speaking on his vision for the community, Saavedra sees the project as a model for what future towns and cities can be. From having a positive impact on the environment and the local villages that surround, the story of MUSA will continue to unfold as people discover it. "That's what makes it interesting, everybody has the space to develop their own personalities within the project.”

“We’re creating a destination in and of itself. We imagine it as a place that we are going to live for a really long time, that we’re going to raise our kids, that we’re going to continue to develop, whatever you can imagine. It’s all-encompassing; you have everything here that you need.” – Tara Medina