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Oso Parado


Barefoot conceptual artist Oso Parado opens the portal to spiritual realms with physical and ephemeral works inspired by the land at MUSA.

Multidisciplinary artist and global traveller Oso Parado exists in a world that many of us don't see. A world that transcends the basic consumerist functions we tend to operate within the high-speed, commercial society in which we exist. Whilst realities for some are dominated by contemporary technologies, Parado’s world is one full of abstract readings and the construction of alternate digital spiritualities, as he navigates what it really means to be connected to ourselves, nature, and the hyper-connected communities we live in today.

For Parado, writings, quotes and text within his work speaks to a tendency to connect with literature and philosophies from the past, present and future. During his residence at MUSA, Parado was able to enter into the experimentation of invisible writing, making it tangible through many of his interventions in the space, as well as the exploration of organic elements and subjects.

"How [the use of organic materials] can change your way of feeling an experience, of interacting with the landscape in a more organic way, as well as the experience of understanding the environment outside of a studio, is incredible.”
“It is a spiritual process, much more intimate, more physical also and less mental. It’s to reconnect with the body and let the landscape speak.”

Bringing elements from nature to create a “metaphysical bridge between ideas and objects'' that form a conceptual cognisance, Parado constantly considers the role of situational context when creating his work. Identifying with an old Icelandic term meaning ”intuition”, or “seeing inside”, whilst on his travels, Parado uses the word “innsæi” to define his work; reflecting “an intuitive energy on the edge with nature”.

“When we realise that ideas cannot be underwritten by objects and events, but can only be justified by ideas themselves, the object displayed is left hanging between idea and the concept of that object, no longer belonging to either, creating a mediated dream space, a way to access a portal to the numinous that unfolded in the fourth dimension, and new meanings. This became more than an object, this became a real virtuality.” – Oso Parado

Parado guides us on a Spiritual Microdose

Using mixed media, paint on treated canvas, land, and sculpture to guide an artistic journey through a palette of found physical, virtual, and intellectual contexts, Parado found solace at MUSA during a month-long residency that explored the bare beauty and vastness of the landscape, whilst playing with the ideas of material, versus spiritual. Falling deep into a journey of metaphysics and notions of “Self” and “Spirit”, Oso emerged from the jungle with a broader, more openhearted, and altruistic sense of connection.

See select works from Parado and his collaboration with the MUSA landscape, on display at LOOT in Mexico City, opening April 23 until May 8.

“MUSA is a magical place where I connect with total freedom. There are few places like this, with diverse ecosystems in one place. I found a lot of inspiration everywhere; it’s a place where I enter into a process of total contemplation, and very broad reflection.”

Continue on Parado’s spiritual journey with learnings, ramblings and beyond on Instagram @osoparadoart

MUSA's Artist in Residence program is still in development and will officially open to future residents in 2022. Stay tuned for more details as they unravel.