Sea Turtle Sanctuary Tours

The release of baby turtles into the Pacific is an experience that honours the power and beauty of the natural landscape

Sea turtles hatch every day on the shores of Guerrero, along the long stretch of quiet, and often remote beaches of Costa Grande. Thanks to its rural, unpopulated, and undeveloped coastline, our region is home to a diverse ecosystem of native sealife, including Leatherback, Green, and Olive Ridley turtles, however many face uncertain futures in today’s vulnerable oceanic climate.

Thanks to the turtle sanctuary of the neighbouring community of Juluchuca, volunteers are doing their best to ensure the next generation of this incredible endangered species can be safely released.

Conservation for a future of wild and thriving seas

Walking along the beach of MUSA, it’s easy to spot the unpacked mounds of sand where turtles had been incubating. Shells from the hatchlings are strewn across the sand, unbeknownst if due to a successful hatching or hungry, natural predator. Our undiscovered and secluded beach is the ideal location for turtles of the region to nest, and many of them return to lay their eggs on our shores in peace year round. The peak of this process typically ranges between July and October, heightened by the rainy season, and thanks to the dedicated work of La Tortuga Feliz Campamento founders and brothers, Fredy de la Cruz Solís and Rey Baltasar de la Cruz Solís, most days see hundreds of baby turtles released with promise into their new salted, natural habitat.

Whilst at MUSA, wake up, enjoy an early breakfast, and take an ATV up the beach to the turtle camp, where you will be briefed by Fredy on the history, the camp, and the nature of the turtles, before discovering nests along the beach that need transplantation to safety. Help dig out emerging hatchlings from their protected nests, and witness a once-in-a-lifetime release of the babies into the awaiting ocean in this fulfilling, and enlightening expedition on the realities and challenges of sea conservation.

100% of the cost of the tour is donated to La Tortuga Feliz to help maintain its efforts for conservation - fuel, vehicle maintenance, and general supply of materials are essential to keep the initiative operational in the field every day. Stay tuned for more developments as we work to further provide support for this incredible organisation.

Support from abroad

You can contribute to the cause anywhere in the world via La Feliz Tortuga's GoFundMe page. Any support is greatly appreciated.

Photos by Sinhue Xavier

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