Magdalena Wosinska

A journal of adventures experienced at MUSA

At MUSA, each day provides an arcadian setting for a canvas of possibilities for unconventional adventures within a bountiful natural landscape. As we begin to build our community of residents and collaborators, this intense connection to the environment enlightens contributions from every visitor making their mark on our blank canvas. Once found, the narrative of MUSA lies within the eyes of the beholder. For photographer Magdalena Wosinska, intimate gatherings with locals and wildlife alike made for permanent memories enhanced by the land.

Q: What is your favourite memory of MUSA?

A: “One of my favourite memories at MUSA, outside of meeting the most amazing individuals daily, was riding jet skis with whales into the sunset. Turning off the motor and listening to their breath. It was magic!”

Q: What experience or activity did you enjoy the most and why?

A: “We rode quads for two hours into the jungle-filled mountains to visit the Gutierrez family. I have not seen them in 5 years. It was great to reconnect with them and show them photos I took of them the time prior. They live in the middle of the jungle, with no running water or electricity, living off the land where they grow their own coffee and cocoa. It's an amazing experience to spend the afternoon with them; eating, drinking coffee and their homemade wine, and learning how they came about farming in the mountains many, many years ago.”

Q: What was your favourite time of day at MUSA and how did you spend that time?

A: “My favorite time of day at MUSA is sunset. Riding horses, quads on the beach, or jet skis into the horizon. And beautiful sunset dinners at Base Camp."

Q: MUSA is a different experience for every visitor. Describe what MUSA is to you.

A: “I have a very full-on life with my work and don't get a chance to really feel totally relaxed and taken care of even in my own home. When I came to MUSA, I truly got to let everything go and just be, so I could truly go with the flow and relax.”

All images by @themagdalenaexperience

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