Stephen Smith

A journal of adventures experienced at MUSA

As we begin to build our community of residents and collaborators, our intense connection to the environment enlightens contributions from every visitor making their mark on our blank canvas. Once found, the narrative of MUSA lies within the eyes of the beholder. Stephen Smith, photographer and founder of wellness brand, Onda, looked to the elements to unlock a powerful daily flow.

Q: What is your favourite memory of MUSA?

A: “One of many magical movements that will forever be burned into my memory from my time at MUSA was when I was floating down the beach on the Ducati! Dancing with the ocean as the waves washed in. Such an immense feeling of freedom on that expansive beach.”

Q: What experience/activity did you enjoy the most and why?

A: “Surfing and body surfing at Loma Bonita was stunning at sunrise. We were alone in the water as fishermen moved across the rocks and the sun came up on the mountain ridge to our East. There was no wind and the raw force of the glassy waves was humbling.”

Q: What did you learn about the region and the local culture?

A: “It was great to see the salt fields in the estuary nearby, and learn about farming coffee and cacao in the mountains. Staples that make life so enjoyable.”

Q: What was your favourite time of day at MUSA and how did you spend that time?

A: “Just before sunrise was so powerful! The mist across the ocean and the way the sun comes through the palms as the moon set across the sky. I walked down to the beach, did some yoga then meditated to the sound of crashing waves. Then a swim in the ocean! My day was electric because of this little routine.”

Q: MUSA is a different experience for every visitor. Describe what MUSA is to you.

A: “MUSA is a place to dream. To let go and be embraced by natural beauty and carried to a place free of the burden of constraint and limitation. It was a place to connect with dear friends and create new experiences with new people that will never be forgotten.”

All images by @iamstephensmith

What is your MUSA? Make your mark on our blank canvas.